FOCUS areas


We invest in high growth companies that;

  1. have their own innovative technology or innovative use of an existing technology
  2. have a cash need between EUR 150k - EUR 2m, in return we ask a minority stake of 20-40%
  3. have maximally 7 years of turnover (non-pilot) 
  4. have a base in the Netherlands

We do not invest in companies who;

  1. are not yet live
  2. have not found their product/market fit
  3. have a single founder or management team
  4. are not scalable

Key criteria

Are we a Match?

You have a best-in-class team. Together you rock!

Great! We are fanatics about management. We believe that the team is the core of the investment we make. We do not compromise on management quality. We avoid sole-founder situations and like to see a team that already experienced both hardships and successes together.

You have not floated a unicorn before?

We welcome first-timers; we respect the track record of the ones that failed and try again; we love the entrepreneur that did it before.

You need funding?

Our sweet-spot is early growth companies that seek a total investment between EUR 150k and EUR 2,0m. In return we seek a minority stake varying between 20-50%.

Your company needs more than that?

Perfect, we agree that there is more than money that drives success. Our Investors are founders themselves and are happy to share personal experience, advice and their network with you.

You were talking more funding?

No problem, as we believe in teamwork, we can always bring in our VC friends, angels or strategic partners.

You have found your unique product-market fit?

Good! We are reluctant to invest in companies that do not possess their own innovative technology, are pure brand plays, have not yet found their customer, or are not scalable.

Not there yet, however convinced we should meet you?

Reach out and bedazzle us.