We are the Future Food Fund.

We are a specialist venture capital fund that invests in early stage companies that change the value chain of food & agriculture. Forever.

OUr Purpose

The food value chain has a profound impact on our planet. Mankind is producing and consuming food on unprecedented scale with an unsustainable footprint. The challenge of our time is not to have supply and demand meet. It has to be met whilst spending far less resources.

We believe that the entrepreneurial minds of our time are up for the challenge -  with profitable business models.

This is why growing your business matters to us.

For Founders by founders

We are founders ourselves. Our investment cooperative exists of founders with centuries of hard gained experience & network. We know how it is like to start, get knocked down, stand-up again, and succeed in your plan.

We are up-close and personal. Together with our investor base we engage personally with you. We will be there when you build, fail, scale or sell your business.

We have our own specialist food and agri network. Our partners are part of the world of farmers, growers,  food, logistics, seeds, sourcing, or pest control. Together with our founder friends from other industries we cover additional grounds like IT, finance, and marketing. 

Wherever skill fits challenge we will help to skyrocket your company.

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our focus

We look for bright teams that build companies around innovative technology and new business models. Enduring founders that want have impact on the agricultural, horticultural or food industries.

Our focus is on Netherlands based tech-ventures within the realm of agriculture and food innovation. We very much welcome technology crossovers from other sectors, because we believe that the future lies in innovation and cooperation within and across the industries.

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Engage with us

Tell us what you are about. We give you some pointers how you can bring us up to speed

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