Future Food Fund II raises 20M at first closing to invest in food & agritech ventures, backed by impact-driven investors.

The Dutch environmental impact investor, Future Food Fund has recently celebrated the first closing of its second fund, FFF II, at 20M and is expecting a second and final close at 50M in the summer of 2023. Impact-driven entrepreneurs, family-offices as well as renowned institutions such as Wageningen University & Research and regional development agencies Oost NL and NOM, participate in the fund, which has already completed 3 investments.


Ensuring the sustainability of our planet means that many sectors need to  transform dramatically in the coming years in order to mitigate the steadily growing effects of climate change.
Our current food system accounts for nearly 25% of climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions, is the biggest driver of biodiversity loss, the primary cause of land-use change, one of the largest sources of nitrogen and phosphorus pollution and relies heavily on freshwater. It is now widely acknowledged that if we want a sustainable future on earth we need to stay within the planetary boundaries which are holding the stability of our earth together.

Impact VC

Governments, industries and consumers must jointly tackle this massive challenge and venture capital investing in innovation and change can play an important role in the transformation needed.

This is where impact-driven venture capital, Future Food Fund II steps in, as a food & agriculture specialist fund investing in Seed & Serie-A companies in Western Europe that change the value chain of food & agriculture. FFF has an international impact framework in place bringing transformation to the most pressing F&A themes such as smart farming, regenerative agriculture, bio-based ingredients and alternative proteins.

“Investing in agrifood tech is quickest way to positively impact the transformation of our food systems, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to that”

Peter Arensman, Future Food Fund


Future Food Fund prides itself on having been able to raise the funds needed to make these investments, by attracting impact-driven informal investors, family-offices and renowned institutions to their fund.

“The Dutch agrifoodtech sector needs funds that play a role in the early phase. For that reason, Oost NL and NOM support FFF, so that the venture capital landscape in NL is further strengthened.”

Ruud van Dijk, NOM

The Netherlands, where FFF is based, is very well positioned as a leader in the food & agri transformation. Knowledge institutes, research and experience, as well as attractive ecosystems and networks are readily available and contribute to the growth of fast growing startups and scale-ups.

“WUR is working with Future Food Fund to foster the growth of startups and encourage groundbreaking innovation. For all agrifood startups, including Wageningen spin-offs, venture capital is crucial to develop their innovations. The fund’s network helps them achieve their social and sustainable goals. By actually bringing products to market, they can accelerate transitions and increase impact.”

Sebastiaan Berendse, WUR

In the North-East and Eastern part of the Netherlands, numerous companies and knowledge institutions are active in the field of food and agritech. That is where institutional investors now joining this round, operate from and they will now be actively investing together with the aim of creating more synergies, connecting more networks and adding value to the ventures from their respective regions.

“The investment strategy of FFF fits in seamlessly with the ambition of Oost NL to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and healthy food system. FFF has already invested in companies in the East of the Netherlands, such as No Palm Ingredients and Pectcof. With this second fund more opportunities arise for impact-driven startups.”

Berg de Bleecker, Oost NL

About FFF

Future Food Fund is a Dutch specialist food & agri venture capital fund, founded in 2017. The first fund has invested in 10 Dutch food & agri startups such as NoPalm, Soilwise and Sensoterra. The second fund is an impact fund (SFDR 9) investing in food & agri Seed & Serie-A companies in Western Europe.

Please visit www.futurefoodfund.com

About WUR

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) is active in the domains of sustainable food production, healthy food & living and the social and natural living environment. ‘To explore the potential of nature to improve the quality of life’ is the mission of WUR. Over 7,200 employees, 13,200 students and over 150.000 participants work everywhere around the world, contributing to the global challenges, surrounding food security, biodiversity and climate. WUR  has abundant expertise, technology, facilities and ideas for the development of sustainable solutions. Together with various partners, WUR brings their knowledge and expertise into practice to create value for society.

Please visit www.wur.nl

About Oost NL

Oost NL is the development agency of East Netherlands. Oost NL works from a social mission: to contribute to the necessary transitions for a sustainable and healthy future. We do this by working together with partners to strengthen those innovation themes in which entrepreneurial East Netherlands is powerful: food, health, tech, energy, and circular. We support innovative companies in their development, invest in them with public funds, and connect the region with national and international players. We are committed to social and economic impact. Oost NL commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, the province of Gelderland, and the province of Overijssel.

Please visit www.oostnl.nl

About NOM

The investment and development agency for the Northern Netherlands, NOM, stimulates economic activity and the development of employment in the Northern Netherlands. NOM provides risk-bearing capital, offers assistance with location selection, promotes investments and initiates projects that increase the competitive strength of businesses in the region. The emphasis is on innovative companies with a trans regional character.

Please visit www.nom.nl

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